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  • Find your medication

    Effortlessly manage your medication. Just choose the dosage, form, and auto-refill preference.

  • Setup for Auto Refill

    Let us know your preferred delivery option & preference for monthly/quarterly meds shipment for automatic delivery.

  • Send us your prescription

    Have your doctor send a new prescription or get it transferred from your current pharmacy to Ravkoo Pharmacy.

  • Get your medication delivered

    Get your medication delivered right to your doorstep and never miss your meds.

Benefits of ravkoo Rx
Transparent pricing

With us, you get the true price. There are no hidden costs or frills: just the actual cost and shipping fee.

Transfer Rx to Ravkoo

Leave the prescription transfer hassle to us - fill out the form on our platform, and we'll contact your doctor & previous pharmacy to do the rest.

We cover all 50 states.

You are covered (almost) anywhere in the USA. We have integrated with pharmacies in almost 50 states.

Free shipping for subscribers!

Upgrade your prescription experience: Subscription service for Rx delivered to your doorstep with Free Shipping! Enjoy 1000+ unlimited medications post subscription.

Convenient & Accessible

Ravkoo Rx is revolutionizing prescription management, making it exactly how it should be: Convenient, Accessible, and Affordable for all.

Trusted by 1.9 M patients and counting
Jacqueline Dooley

I seriously can’t believe how great their response and communication has been with my order. You don’t experience that these days. Great customer service! Thank you, ravkoo!

Matt Keasler

I Excellent service Medication was delivered the next day. Prices are good and I highly recommend it.

Dr. Ashira Johnson

ravkoo staff continually goes out of their way to provide rapid and consistent delivery of products to our patients. They prioritize the sickest patients when they are made aware of them, and always contact me immediately for any questions or concerns on my prescriptions.


Ravkoo Rx is a digital and cash-based pharmacy licensed in 46 states; however, with affiliation with other pharmacies, they have a network in all 50 states. We offer affordable, FDA-approved medicines with transparent pricing & accessible services right at your doorstep.

The partner code at Ravkoo Rx is a company code provided to partnered companies. If your company has partnered with us, you may receive the code from your company. When making a payment, you can use the partner code to avail any available discounts.

There are four ways you can send the prescription to RavkooRx.

  1. Provide your doctor with the RavkooRx below information to have them send over your prescription.
    Pharmacy Name: Ravkoo Pharmacy
    E-Scribe: 5707736
    Phone: 863-875-5700
    Fax: 863-875-5619
  2. Provide your prescriber's information, and a Ravkoo Pharmacy team member can request the prescriber to send your prescription
  3. We can contact your pharmacy to get transferred your prescription at Ravkoo Pharmacy
  4. Have your current pharmacy send your prescription via Fax to Ravkoo Pharmacy. Fax: 863-875-5619

No, there is no limit to ordering medicines as long as you have a valid prescription and an active refill on it. However, please note that we offer a maximum of a three-month supply at a time.

RavkooRx subscription plan is an affordable, transparent, and convenient annual plan. It has a list of commonly prescribed medicines with lower cost than your copayment from your insurance and cheaper for uninsured people. You can get unlimited medicines listed in the subscription plan for $0.

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns of medications. However, if you have any questions or concerns, our representative at Ravkoo Pharmacy is available to assist you from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. Simply call us at 863-875-5700.

You will get an e-receipt to your registered email.

Yes, you can contact the pharmacy for more details. Our pharmacy contact phone numbers are 863-875-5700. M-F 9.00 am to 5.00 pm EST