Healthy Christmas Food Ideas

Christmas Party Food Ideas Diet & Nutrition
December 23, 2022
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Who doesn’t love holiday screen time starring the Grinch?

That said, it doesn’t mean you want to feel like the grumpy yet charming hermit.

A strict eating plan can land you in hangryland if you’re surrounded by mouthwatering Christmas food you can’t eat.

Instead of vetoing carbs, calories, and fats, try a nutritious menu of Christmas party food ideas.

In short, indulge with balance.

To simplify this often hectic season, we’ve put together a list that includes the following:

  • Healthy holiday recipes for a delicious dinner.  
  • Easy holiday recipes to keep things manageable.
  • Healthy holiday snacks to appease ravenous guests.
  • Christmas dinner sides that highlight the main.
  • Healthy Christmas desserts to complete the feast.

What Should I Make for Christmas Dinner? 

Holiday merriment begins with planning. 

For our talented team at Ravkoo, we’re serving wholesome Christmas party food that even our in-house MD approves of. 

Here’s a list of the basics to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Appetizers. Appies are your friend. They’re healthy holiday snacks that ensure your visitors are happy while you finish cooking. Opt for lighter fare, such as a veggie Christmas tree. 
  • Entree. Prime rib, roast turkey, oh my! Besides these classics, incorporate Christmas party food, like vegan mac and cheese. Your vegetarian besties will thank you. 
  • Christmas dinner sides: Compliment your entrees with chestnut sprouts, winter salad, and roasted potatoes.
  • Dessert. Fruit kabobs and dark chocolate fondue provides effortless holiday recipes that’ll sweet-talk the crowd.
  • Drinks. Swap sugary libations with festive low-calorie cocktails or mocktails. Bonus points for fewer trips to the bevie station.

Top 10 Healthy Holiday Recipes 

Healthy Christmas recipes can do more than fill tummies. When done right, they can leave your guests eager to RSVP next year. 

Here’s a list of 10 Christmas party food ideas: 

  1. Green tree platter. Not green as in pine, but green as in lean. Take a large platter and lay assorted vegetables down to create an edible holiday tree. Use bite-sized broccoli as the base decorated with cherry tomatoes and pepper slices. Cauliflower snow adds a novel twist to this Christmas party food.
  2. Hummus wreath. Generously spread hummus to form a wreath topped with feta, herbs, and cherry tomatoes. Sliced veggies and whole-wheat crackers as dippers make this Christmas party food light and bright.
  3. Roasted chicken and roots. Surround the whole chicken with root veggies, like squash, parsnips, and carrots, incorporating virgin olive oil and fresh herbs. The comforting aroma of this warm dish perfectly encapsulates the holiday spirit.
  4. Vegan mac and cheese. This vegan mac and cheese adds a hearty option to your Christmas dinner. It’s allergy-friendly, easy to make, and has minimal ingredients. Prep the sauce by combining cashews, lemon, and more to avoid dairy. 
  5. Prime rib. Those following low-carb diets will appreciate this satisfying dish that requires prepping the day before. You’ll need two hours for baking, but the hard work will pay off when guests eagerly dig into their tender entree.  
  6. Chestnut sprouts. Christmas dinner sides wouldn’t be complete without Brussels sprouts. The chestnuts are on-theme and include antioxidants. Also, try replacing the recipe’s regular butter with an organic and grass-fed one. 
  7. Winter salad. With countless versions of this salad available, take a minute to find one that’s right for you. Most recipes include goat cheese, pomegranate, and kale, bringing healthy fats, antioxidants, and greens to your Christmas food.
  8. Roasties. The ideal companion for prime rib, roasted potatoes inspire cozy nostalgia. Yukon golds boast vitamin C, and fresh rosemary will delight. Follow the recipe to guarantee the roasties are flavored and firm. 
  9. Fruit Santa. Think healthy Christmas desserts for kids don’t exist? We thought so, too, until we found Santa fruit dishes. Sliced strawberries make the hat and shirt. And old St. Nick’s blueberry eyes and raspberry nose sit atop a piece of pineapple.
  10. Fruit kabob and dark chocolate fondue. This crowd-pleaser is one of the best healthy Christmas desserts you can offer. Preparing the kabobs and warm fondue takes about 50 minutes, and the partygoers will enjoy the dipping experience. Gather dark chocolate squares, seasonal fruit, and a fondue kit. Follow the recipe to ensure the chocolate stays warm. 

A note from us to you

We wish you a happy, warm, and safe holiday. 

Contact us anytime should you need to confer remotely with a doctor, therapist, or Health and Wellness Coach. 

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