Is Green Tea Good For Weight Loss?

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November 3, 2022
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Not only is green tea a comforting beverage to sip during colder months, but it also offers many fantastic health benefits. Wellness boosters in its unoxidized leaves include antioxidants, nutrients, and plant compounds.

Furthermore, green tea for weight loss has become a common fitness trend, appearing in countless supplements. 

This blog will dive into its science to uncover whether the hype is true. 

Green tea for weight loss

Green tea can increase metabolism and promote weight reduction. That said, there’s more to the equation.

Green tea for losing weight has different results for different people. Burning fat has a lot to do with a person’s activity level and if they’re following a healthy calorie-deficit diet. Not to mention, age, genetics, and hormone levels contribute to an individual’s build.

Digging a little deeper, let’s get a more science-based understanding of green tea for slimming down. 

Green tea can help you lose weight because it:

  1. Can reduce calorie intake.

Dr. Brian Yeung, a Naturopathic Doctor who focuses on weight management, explains that replacing high-calorie drinks with green tea can support weight loss. 

Of course, physical activity and healthy eating are key players in losing lbs. However, kicking the sugary drinks habit is also helpful in reducing calories consumed. 

Nevertheless, if you opt for green tea instead of another beverage, don’t overdo it. 

Some people are sensitive to caffeine, so monitor your intake and speak with a doctor when in doubt. Also, the catechins in green tea may adversely mix with certain medications.

  1. Boosts metabolism.

Our metabolism is the process that allows the body to convert food and drinks into usable energy. Hence, if your metabolism works more efficiently, many calories you eat may be used rather than stored. 

A study published in the National Library of Medicine reveals that the caffeine and catechins within green tea cooperate to speed up the metabolism. 

The combo can increase the amount of energy your body uses by doing two things:

  • Caffeine can increase energy levels, improving the ability to exercise. 
  • Catechins have potent antioxidant properties and help break down extra fat.

Likewise, studies show that green tea may help individuals burn 75–100 calories daily. While the extra calories burned aren’t huge, they can add up and support weight loss over time.

  1. Burns fat.

Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, Board Certified Family MD and creator of a popular medical Youtube series, Doctor Mike, explains that green tea boosts metabolism and oxidation (essentially, fat burning).  

Lab samples showed that green tea reduced new blood vessel formation within the fat stores. What does this mean? In a nutshell, the ingredients within green tea take away the vital nutrition for fat, making it die, notes Varshavski.

Likewise, a study of 240 subjects from Japan is promising. 

The participants were divided into two groups. One group was given green tea daily for 12 weeks; the other wasn’t. Also, they were instructed to maintain their normal activity levels and eating habits.

The results show that the participants given catechin-rich green tea lost more weight and fat than the other group who didn’t consume the drink. 

Important note:

Studies use doses with more caffeine and catechins than would be found in your average mug of green tea. So we can’t know with total certainty how the results translate in real life. 

Furthermore, the impact of green tea on weight management isn’t nearly as effective as exercise and eating well. 

Other green tea benefits 

Green tea has been crowned as one of the world’s healthiest drinks, and for a good reason. 

For starters, it contains less caffeine than coffee but has the same uplifting effect. 

Secondly, green tea leaves aren’t oxidized when they’re plucked. Instead, they’re steamed, allowing them to retain their favorable properties. 

Some beneficial properties of green tea are shown below, including why they’re healthy:

  • Antioxidants keep destructive free radicals at bay and protect the body from cell damage. 
  • B vitamins aid in mood regulation.
  • Flavonoids have anti-inflammatory effects and protect cells from damage.
  • Folate assists in red cell production and optimal cell growth. 
  • Magnesium supports nerve and muscle function. One study found that green tea was the best source of magnesium compared to other kinds of commercially bagged teas. 

Furthermore, Dr. Varshavski explains that green tea may help with the following:

1. Cancer prevention. The antioxidants within green tea help prevent free radical damage, which otherwise could contribute to cancer. While this soothing beverage is a positive addition to a healthier life, it doesn’t mean it will cure or prevent all types of cancer.

 2. Mouth health. The catechins in green tea are believed to kill mouth bacteria that cause bad breath. 

 3. Mental focus. Green tea does a great job of giving you stabilized,  less nervous energy than coffee. L-theanine, found in this tea, can bring a sense of calm without the heavy sedation feeling from other relaxation drugs. Be careful if you’re drowsy or over-stimulated after drinking green tea, and speak to a doctor. 

4. Brain protection. Lab and animal tests show that catechins can decrease the risk of developing Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. But this doesn’t mean it necessarily does the same for humans. 

Before heading to the nearest health food store to pick up green tea, you’ll likely want some more information. That’s why we researched which green tea is best for weight loss.

Best green tea for weight loss

You may consider green tea supplements if you’re a fan of straightforward fitness solutions. 

Supplements are a fantastic option to support a nutritious lifestyle. But when it comes to green tea, consider the real thing, and go for loose-leaf or bagged tea.

It’s hard to know what’s in supplements because they aren’t FDA-approved most of the time and may include fillers. 

So, which green tea is best for weight loss? 

Here are our top 3 green tea picks below:

1. Bigelow Classic Green Tea: The pros of this tea are that it’s Climate Pledge Friendly, USDA Organic, and protected by foil. The foil helps keep the tea safe from light and preserves its properties. 

2. Yogi Green Tea Pure Green Tea: Yogi green tea perks include a smooth taste, transparent organic farming, and they have a mission to give back. 

3. Rishi Sencha Organic Green Tea: With transparent sourcing, organic farming, and its balanced taste profile, Rishi comes in as a delicious contender. 

Final thoughts: Is green tea good for weight loss? 

Green tea isn’t guaranteed to get you to your physique goal. But it shouldn’t harm you in the right amount and under the care of a healthcare provider. Moreover, it offers many health advantages over other drink choices. 

Want to lose weight but don’t know where to start?

We’re here for you! 

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