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January 18, 2023
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What do you know about keto?

This eating plan is similar to Atkins, Paleo, or South Beach.

However, unlike other low-carb diets that emphasize protein, keto centers on increasing fat intake.  

If you’re giving this lifestyle a go, have keto-friendly snacks handy to keep unexpected hunger at bay. 

What are the best keto snacks to ensure your stomach isn’t grumbling?

10 Easy Keto Snack Ideas

Sticking to this eating regimen takes some thought, preparation, and dedication. 

But going keto can become second nature once you get into the swing of it. 

Firstly, you’ll want to ensure you read nutrition labels carefully. Not all snacks labeled as keto-friendly are ideal.

Also, you can boost your success with healthy keto snacks to curb cravings. 

Here are the best keto snacks:

1. Cheese strings

Convenient to pack, easy to find, and keto-friendly, cheese strings are a fantastic in-between-meal nosh.

You can get various kinds of cheese strings at almost any grocery store. Or pick them up in bulk if you shop at Costco. 

We love cheese strings as part of your keto-friendly snacks because they are low in carbs and offer about 3.5 grams of fat.

Easily toss a cheese string in your bag and have a keto-friendly snack without any muss or fuss.

2. Hard-boiled eggs

According to Nutritionix, a nutrition database, it only takes seven minutes of running to burn off the 78 calories from a single hard-boiled egg. 

You can add this low-carb and low-cal food to your list of healthy keto snacks. 

Nutritionix shows that, per serving, one hard-boiled egg has:

  • Less than one gram of carbs.
  • Over six grams of protein.
  • Five grams of fat.

Not only are eggs an optimal go-to for the ketogenic lifestyle, but they’re budget-friendly.

Boil your eggs on a Sunday, and have them fresh and ready for a work snack the next day. 

3. Cucumber slices 

A medically reviewed article in Medical News Today reveals some helpful tips about cucumber as part of your keto snack ideas.

The article explains that cucumber contains vitamin K and is suitable for keto because it has 3.63 grams of carbs per serving.

Additionally, you can decrease your carb intake by peeling the cucumber before eating it.  

4. Full-fat cheese varieties

A dietician-reviewed piece in Everyday Health notes that most types of cheese are fair game for the keto lifestyle. 

Some types of keto-friendly cheese include the following:

  • Cheddar cheese
  • Bleu cheese
  • Feta
  • Mozzarella 

The article’s author, Moira Lawler, emphasizes that you should choose full-fat options because fat is key to keto. 

It’s worth noting that in an article for UChicago Medicine, Mary Condon, RN, LDN, expresses that some people may eat an excess of saturated fats on this meal plan. 

Conferring with a physician or nutritionist is highly recommended to help you prioritize heart-friendly fats while on the keto diet.

5. Charcuterie

A well-rounded charcuterie platter serves as a mouth-watering appetizer at parties. But the meat slices also work as excellent keto snack ideas in smaller portions. 

Keep it simple by choosing pre-cut meats and placing them in a small container to take with you. 

However, be sure to find out the ingredients of your cured meats. As sometimes, producers might add sugars for flavoring. 

6. Sugar-free beef jerky

Like the charcuterie option, beef jerky is a simple snack for ketoers. 

Jerky comes in different kinds of meat, like pork, beef, or chicken. It’s often high in protein and fats but without carbs (unless added sugars are present).

How can you find keto-friendly jerky?

  • Read nutrition labels on packages. 
  • Choose sugar-free jerky. 
  • Do your research to find keto-friendly options. 

7. Olives

Olives deliver a good amount of fat but little protein. And 100 grams of ripe, canned olives have about six grams of carbohydrates. 

Therefore, they’re a decent snack choice for many individuals maintaining a keto diet. 

Note of caution: The high sodium level in canned olives (75 mg per 100-gram serving) isn’t suggested for those watching their sodium intake.

8. Nut butter

Before choosing your nut butter, read through the nutritional information to clarify the amounts of fats, carbs, and protein. 

There are various types of nut butter, such as:

  • Peanut
  • Almond
  • Macadamia 
  • Cashew
  • Walnut

According to the USDA, 100 grams of creamy almond butter contains:

  • 20.8 grams of protein.
  • 53 grams of fat.
  • 9.7 grams of dietary carbs.

A scoop of smooth almond butter satisfies the tastebuds and also provides convenience.

9. Nuts

Here’s your chance to go nuts! 

According to a medically-written and medically-reviewed article in Dietdoctor, the most keto-friendly nuts include:

  • Pecans
  • Macadamia 
  • Brazil nuts 

The helpful Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD, notes that you should eat when you are hungry and not when you’re not. 

But he also stresses that portion control is key in nuts because overdoing it and consuming too many can is easy. 

10. Half an avocado

Technically a fruit, avocados are fantastic sources of monounsaturated fats and are low in carbs. 

According to the American Heart Association, these fats may help reduce your chances of heart disease by decreasing your LDL levels (“bad” cholesterol levels).

You can jazz them up with a drizzle of olive oil, a splash of lemon juice, and a pinch of sea salt. 

Just ensure that you’re aware of portions to stay on track. Half an avocado should be plenty. 

Bonus snack: keto-friendly chips 

Keto-friendly chips offer savory goodness if you want a more indulgent snack.

Try your hand at making homemade keto chips.

The recipe takes 35 minutes and requires minimal ingredients, such as shredded mozzarella, almond flower, and black pepper.

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Final thoughts

Eating keto takes a certain level of commitment. It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay.

But if it is, do your best to consume enough sustenance to keep you satiated while remaining within the guidelines. 

Lastly, the keto diet raises concerns with some medical experts because it may cause nutrition deficiencies, low blood sugar, and disordered eating (among other health issues).

Consult a healthcare provider before adopting any eating plan to see if it’s right for you. 

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