Low Libido in Men: What Causes Low Sex Drive in Men

What is Low Libido in Men, and What Causes It? Men’s Health
May 27, 2022
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Let’s talk about sex. Rather, let’s talk about the desire (or lack of desire aka low libido) for sex. Are you or your partner experiencing a decrease in sexual appetite?

While low libido can affect men and women, and while it can be equally upsetting for both parties, for the sake of narrowing this vast topic down, we’ll examine how low libido in men affects the gentlemen of the crowd.

Low sex drive in men can be an awkward matter at the best times. As a result, many choose to avoid the issue instead of confronting it.

However, it’s normal for a man’s appetite in bed to wax and wane throughout life. Therefore, if you encounter a decreased libido at some point, there’s no need to be overly concerned.

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Now, let’s learn all about libido and figure out what causes low sex drive in men?

Low libido in men: What is it?

If you are wondering what is libido in men, well, this term describes a diminished interest in sexual activity. As mentioned, libido levels will vary throughout adulthood, but it’s also normal for you and your partner’s lust levels to not always match up.

A prolonged period of decreased interest in lovemaking can signify underlying health conditions, and you’ll notice a range of symptoms.

Some symptoms of low libido in men include:

  • Fewer sexual thoughts & fantasies
  • Less interest in sex
  • Reduced sexual activity
  • Less sexual arousal from touch, sound, and sight
  • Diminished enjoyment during the act

If you’ve come across the above symptoms, you’ll likely sense that something is off and encounter frustration. However, rest assured, knowledge is power, so let’s start with a better understanding.

Why is my sex drive low? 

Relationship issues

The health of our relationship with a sexual partner can significantly impact our appetite for intercourse.

According to England’s National Health Service site (NHS), one’s contentment in a relationship is a vital consideration when asking, “Why is my sex drive low?”.

NHS suggests that you consider any relationship worries or doubts weighing upon you as they can dampen your ability to get in the mood.

In some relationships, a diminished libido could be the result of:

  • Feeling overfamiliar with a partner.
  • Loss of sexual attraction.
  • Unresolved and ongoing conflict.
  • Frequent disagreements.
  • Lack of communication.
  • Lack of trust in each other.
  • Physical problems.
  • Mismatched energy levels.
  • Mismatched sexual interest.

If any of the above reasons resonate, it doesn’t mean that you and your partner aren’t well suited. Furthermore, it also doesn’t mean that all is lost in the bedroom.

According to an article reviewed by Dr. Katherine Hertlein (a renowned sex therapist), almost every relationship will encounter some degree of reduced attraction. However, consult a licensed doctor or counselor immediately if it’s ongoing or troubling.

There’s hope for couples going through bedroom problems when corrective steps are taken to understand the cause and potential solutions.

While a relationship can offer one possible reason for an impaired sex drive, it’s far from the only viable explanation.

What causes low libido in men?

low sex drive in men

Low sex drive in men can happen for the following reasons:

  1. Low testosterone

An important male hormone, testosterone, plays an essential role in stimulating sperm. Additionally, according to Harvard Health, testosterone is a hormone that fuels a man’s sex drive and performance.

Testosterone levels tend to reduce as one ages. Levels peak in early adulthood and can drop by roughly 1% per year, beginning when someone turns 40.

The American Urological Association (AUA) notes that a man has a low testosterone level if it falls below 300 nanograms per deciliter.

Speak to your physician if you believe low testosterone levels are at play. Prescribed supplements, pharmaceuticals, or gels can improve low sex drive in men.

  1. Depression

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) explains that when depressed, males often lose interest in activities they’d normally find pleasurable. One such activity would most certainly be lovemaking.

Fatigue and a general lack of interest in life are symptoms of depression, explains the NIMH. So it’s no wonder a person wouldn’t be in the mood if he is depressed.

Furthermore, if you’re asking, “Why is my sex drive low?” and you’re on anti-depressants, you may have your answer. Cymbalta and Zoloft, for instance, are anti-depressants that include diminished sex as a side effect.

Depression is a serious condition, and if a treatment has been prescribed, talk to your doctor for guidance. A physician can better direct the conversation towards “How to increase sex drive in men?”

  1. Low self-esteem

Whether negative or positive, a person’s self-image impacts how they feel in the world.

A healthy sense of self can improve your confidence in and out of the sheets. In comparison, unhealthy self-esteem can lower your belief that you’re attractive and desirable. And if you’re not feeling desirable, your appetite for sex will likely be affected.

Furthermore, low-self esteem may even cause anxiety when jumping in the sack with a partner. According to Nicole Prause, Ph.D., sexual psychophysiologist and licensed psychologist in L.A., anxiety-ridden people can suffer sexual dysfunction.

Contact a counselor or doctor for low sex drive in men linked to anxiety or low self-esteem.

  1. Too much alcohol 

Having a drink here and there is one thing, but according to Cleveland Clinic, imbibing in more than 14 adult drinks per week is linked to decreased testosterone production.

Furthermore, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol over a long period of time can lower your ability to get aroused. Therefore, the Cleveland Clinic suggests that males who regularly indulge in more than three alcoholic beverages should consider less.

  1. Too much exercise

Those asking, “How to increase sex drive in men?” should examine their exercise routine. Why is this?

Hitting the gym hard can cause that belly to shrink, but push too much, and you could end up causing your sex drive to shrink.

A study done at the University of North Carolina found that regular high-intensity exercise is linked to lower libido scores.

Out of 1,077 active males, those who trained at the lowest intensities reported higher sexual appetites than those who regularly trained intensely.

Don’t drop your fitness regimen if you notice your lust levels flopping, but talk with a doctor.

Other causes for a low sex drive include:

  • Sleep problems: Recent research suggests that inadequate and disrupted sleep can impact many aspects of health, including sexual desire.
  • Chronic illness: The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), notes that heightened fatigue levels caused by chronic illness often cause a reduced libido.
  • Medications: Some medications create symptoms that make it tough to enjoy intercourse or want it.
  • Aging: According to Todd B. Nippoldt, M.D., it’s natural for males to notice decreased sexual appetite as they age.

How to increase libido in men with medical treatment

Now that we know what causes low libido in men, let’s learn about how we can fix that.

  1. Hormonal treatment

A simple blood test done by the doctor should indicate your testosterone levels. If your doc decides you require testosterone supplementation, possible options include a:

  • Topical gel (such as Androgel).
  • Pellet (such as Testopel).
  • Testosterone transdermal system patch (such as Androderm).
  • Testosterone injection.

These hormonal treatments have pros and cons, so discuss them with a physician.

  1. Change medication

If your testosterone levels are normal, you’ll want to look at any medications (particularly anti-depressants).

According to Megan Fleming, Ph.D., certified sex therapist and clinical psychologist, switching to an anti-depressant such as bupropion (or Wellbutrin) can help because it can positively affect interest in sex.

Other drugs, such blood pressure medications, can negatively affect sexual arousal. Regardless, your physician can try lowering the drug’s dose or switching kinds.

  1. Try counseling and stress management 

Since stress, anxiety, and depression are massive mood busters, you might want to try counseling. Expressing yourself can go a long way in lightening your spirit and may even boost your desire for physical intimacy.

A counselor can help you create strategies for coping with stress and anxiety.

You might even want to go out of your way to limit stress triggers. For instance, turn off your phone to unwind at the end of the day. A relaxed mind has more emotional room to get in the mood.

How to increase libido in men who are in relationships

Romantic passion in the sheets may lull at some points in a relationship. This can happen after being with someone long-term or if there are problems.

However, enhancing the relationship may very well enhance the sexual attraction felt. Boosting romantic energy could involve:

  1. Planned date nights.
  • Try a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to. Wear a new outfit that you feel good in. Take the time to do something that lifts your spirits.
  1. Doing fun activities together.
  • The pleasure doesn’t have to happen in the bedroom. You and your partner can go to an escape room or get a couple’s massage. Choose activities that spark your interest and sense of joy.
  1. Practicing non-judgemental communication.
  • Take a genuine interest in what your partner has to say. Ask questions and remember small details. Openly sharing can help you feel closer to one another.
  1. Enjoying quality time together.
  • Set some time aside to enjoy being with your partner without interruption.
  1. Focusing on foreplay.
  • Explore touch, scent, and visual aspects with your partner to increase sexual energy.

How to increase libido in men with home remedies

  1. Natural remedies: According to a 2015 study, certain herbal remedies act as natural remedies to increase sex drive in men, and they are:
  • maca
  • Tribulus
  • gingko
  • ginseng

However, take caution when considering using herbal remedies. It’s essential to double-check options with a doctor.

  1. Aphrodisiac fruits: Enjoying certain fruits can be a delicious way to entice your senses.

Avocados, bananas, and figs, for instance, are considered libido-boosting foods.

According to science, it’s not entirely proven whether or not these fruits possess aphrodisiac qualities. Still, it’s fun to try. In addition, they offer important vitamins and minerals that can improve blood flow to the genital area, which may promote a healthier sex life.

  1. Chocolate: Try enjoying chocolate. Throughout history, chocolate has symbolized desire because of its mouthwatering sweetness and its alleged power to arouse.

Chocolate promotes the release of the chemical serotonin into your body. This feel-good release can deliver some aphrodisiac and mood-enhancing results.

  1. Self-confidence: Shift your focus from flaws to attributes. Find reasons to appreciate who you are. Maybe you’re a sharp dresser. Maybe you’re quick-witted and smart. Find reasons to praise yourself, and you might feel a little more zip and zap in your self-confidence and the bedroom.

What’s Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Decreased interest in sex can be alarming and may lead to an uncomfortable cycle of emotional and physical side effects (including Erectile Dysfunction).

ED is when a person cannot maintain an erection long enough to enjoy fulfilling sex. While both ED and a reduced interest in intercourse seem similar, they aren’t the same thing.

If you are experiencing a less than voracious sexual appetite, the first step you should take is self-acceptance. You haven’t done anything wrong. In contrast, what you’re going through is common. According to an article written by Edward Stoner, MD, a low libido impacts roughly 20 percent of American males, with greater percentages seen in men over 55.

There are several helpful resources to get started on your journey towards understanding. Doctors, counselors, and nutritionists are all valuable resources to utilize.

And remember, the journey to understanding a lack of interest in sex isn’t linear. Instead, there are many layers and potential causes and solutions.

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