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  • What is ravkoo Health?

    Ravkoo Health™ is a leading innovative technology company whose proprietary digital platform establishes interconnection and interoperability, creating for the first time ever, a personalized digital ecosystem marketplace called “Your Circle of Health™”. Under ravkoo Health there are 4 major services we provide: ravkoo MD, ravkoo Lab, ravkoo Lifestyle, and ravkoo RX.

    ravkoo MD– A marketplace for telehealth services that connect patients with providers.
    ravkoo Lab– An at-home lab solution
    ravkoo Lifestyle– A marketplace for lifestyle services that connect consumers with lifestyle coaches and counselors.
    ravkoo RX– Receive free pharmacists consultations at your convenience, with all of your prescription visibility in one place

  • How does ravkoo health work?

    Ravkoo Health technology gives users the ability to pick and choose a variety of services and receive these services within the ravkoo-affiliated universe of providers, partners, pharmacists, and payors. All information needed by customers is right at their fingertips, right on their smartphones. It’s like giving customers an ecosystem of health data to carry around with them at all times, completing the circle in healthcare.

  • What type of services does ravkoo Health provide?

    Under ravkoo Health, there are 4 major services provided: ravkooMD, ravkooLab, ravkooLifestyle and ravkooRX.

    ravkoo MD– A marketplace for telehealth that connects patients to providers. We offer non-emergency medical services including but not limited to birth control, acne, acid reflux, erectile dysfunction, flu, and more.

    ravkoo Lab– At-home lab solution! It’s convenient, confidential, and affordable.

    ravkoo Lifestyle– A marketplace that helps people connect with wellness and coaching experts, focusing on ways to improve their mental health. Our major areas of service include diet, nutrition, mental health, and diabetes prevention.

    ravkoo RX: ravkoo Health has a pharmacy network of 150+ pharmacies across the country. With our pharmacies, you receive free pharmacist counseling, access to your medication history, and same day or next day free delivery.

  • Is the ravkoo Health app HIPPA compliant and secure?

    Yes, your security is our main priority and we are a HIPPA compliant on our secure platform.

  • What is the role of ravkoo Health?

    Our primary goal is to build and maintain the technology platform, to provide a private and secure user experience to all ravkoo Health customers. We onboard experienced licensed providers who desire to provide services via the ravkoo Health platform.

    These licensed providers are not employees of ravkoo Health. Our website and mobile app do not oversee the licensed providers professionally or intervene in their clinical judgment. We affiliate with the licensed providers who communicate with users effectively to understand the patient’s condition and provide exceptional care for the individual users’ healthcare needs. The ravkoo Health team members also manage the payment and customer support, providing uninterrupted service during business hours.

  • Who can use the ravkoo Health app?

    Any customer who is 18 years of age or older and resides in the USA is eligible to use the ravkoo Health app.

  • How do I join ravkoo Health?

    ravkoo Health is a mobile application, available in both the App Store (Apple) and Google Play Store (Android). Download the app and register to create your account.

  • How do I create my account?

    Once you download the ravkoo Health app from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android), you can follow the steps to create a new account.

  • Once I sign up, can I start using the ravkoo Health services right away?

    No. Once you sign up on the ravkoo Health app you will need to complete the registration process by providing all the information requested. Once registration is complete, your account and identity will be verified by our compliance team. After your profile has been successfully verified, the ravkoo compliance team will approve you for access to all of the services in the app.

  • Why do I need to upload my photo ID?

    Our compliance team will review your ID and verify your identity. This step is mandatory to comply with state requirements and avoid any fraudulent activity on the ravkoo Health app.

  • How can I change my personal account information, such as email, phone, passowrd?

    In order to change your email or phone number, you will need to use our Customer Support chat feature on the website. One of our customer service representatives will be able to assist you.

  • Can I use the ravkoo Health app outside of the USA?

    No, the ravkoo Health app is currently only available in the USA.

  • If I uninstall the ravkoo Health app, will my information be deleted from the app?

    No, if you would like to remove your information from the ravkoo Health app please contact us through the Customer Support feature available on the app. Our representatives will assist you in removing your information. However, if you have received a prescription from any of the providers on ravkoo MD we cannot delete your prescription or personal information, which are medical records that are required by law to be retained.

  • How can I delete my account?

    To delete your account, select preferences under account settings. From there you will find the delete option.

  • What is Health Gorrila and how does it work

    The ravkoo Health app is integrated with Health Gorilla, which is connected to most major EMRs, diagnostic vendors and care sites, allowing providers to retrieve their patients medical records electronically. They share the patients prior records to their healthcare partners/companies. For more information, please visit the Health Gorilla website :

  • What are the benefits when authorizing Health Gorilla and any of it’s parents, subsidaries or affiliates to retrieve and disclouse my PHI (Protective health records) to ravkoo Health?

    Through Health Gorilla, ravkoo Health providers can access the patient’s past medical records when given consent to pull records. These records will help our licensed providers offer great healthcare after review. Providers can give you better quality care and treatment plans with when your medical history is available.

  • How do my medical records get pulled on to the app?

    With your consent, we are able to pull your medical records using our healthcare partner integrations with EHR systems, as well as wearable devices.

  • Why do I need to have a telehealth visit with a provider to obtain my medical records?

    We require a consult with an Authorized Provider to remain compliant with HIPAA requirements and to verify patient identities prior to releasing medical records.

  • Can medical records be transferred if a patient were to choose a provider outside of ravkoo’s network?

    We do not share your personal data or medical records with providers who are not part of the ravkoo health network of authorized providers.

  • What information is needed to obtain my medical records?

    Your first name, last name, full address, and gender are required to obtain your medical records.

  • What if my records are not showing on the app? How do I request the records?

    We are integrated with the majority of EHR/EMR systems. However there is a slight possibility that we may not receive all of your health records. Please confirm that your name, date of birth, and full address are entered correctly in your profile.

  • Are health records updated automatically after each provider telehealth visit?

    No, health records are only updated when a new telehealth visit is made and the provider verifies the patients identity for the telehealth visit.

  • How do I connect the ravkoo Health app with my Apple watch (IOS) or my Google Fit watch (Android)?

    First, go to the monitoring tab and select Vitals. There will be a plus sign (+) on the bottom, select the plus sign (+) and then select “Manage Sources”. This will connect your Apple Watch (IOS) or Google Fit watch (Android).

  • Can I use ravkooMD for medical emergencies?

    No, we can only treat mild and uncomplicated conditions. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room or dial 911.

  • How do I contact the ravkoo Health Customer Support team?

    First, click on the top left corner on the home page of the ravkoo Health app, then select the Customer support icon. Select the chat option on that screen and a customer support representative will connect with you immediately.

  • What are ravkoo Health’s operational Hours?

    We are available from 9.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. Monday – Friday. Outside of these hours, you can leave a message and we will connect with you the next business day.

  • How quickly does the Customer Support team respond on the ravkoo Health App?

    Our Customer Support representative will respond to your message immediately. However, if we are experiencing a high volume of requests you will be notified and a representative will be with you as soon as possible.

  • Who am I communicating with when I use the Customer Support feature?

    We have a team of specialized and well experienced customer service representatives.
    Please note: Our chat support team members are not clinical/medical professionals and cannot provide medical advice.

  • What types of questions can I ask using Customer Support?

    With our Customer Support feature, you can ask any question you would typically ask over the phone in regards to your ravkoo Health account, services, or related to your care. You may also use the Customer Support feature to follow up on previous requests from pasts visits, connect with specific providers, or address technical issues.
    Please note: Our chat support team are not clinical/medical professionals and cannot provide medical advice.

  • What happens if the ravkoo Health app is down or there are technical issues?

    If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the ravkoo Health app, please reach out to our customer support team on the ravkoo Health website. They will relay the information to our IT team, who will resolve the issues to give you a better customer experience.

  • What should I do if I am unable to access the ravkoo Health app ?

    First start by restarting your phone, make sure your device is connected to the internet and check for any android or IOS ravkoo Health updates. If there are updates available, install and try to re-login. If you are still unable to log into the app, please use the chat feature located on our website to speak with a customer service representative for assistance.

  • How do I connect my watch with the ravkoo Health app?

    To connect your Apple Watch/Google Fit watch go under the “Monitoring” tab. Select “Vitals”, you will see a “+” sign at the bottom right, select that and then hit Manage Sources.

  • What vitals are updated onto the ravkoo Health app?

    Depending on your watch’s capabilities, the ravkoo Health app syncs your blood pressure, weight, height, blood glucose, body temperature and pulse oximeter.

  • Which of my vital data will be available to download or print?

    Currently we do not offer a way to print or download your vital records. You will be able to view your vital data in the app for reference.

  • How do I share my vitals with my primary care provider?

    You will not be able to share your vitals outside of the ravkoo platform. However, you will be able to view your vitals in the app for reference.

  • How often are my vitals synced?

    The vital data is synced every 5 minutes.

  • What do I do if my data is not syncing?

    If your data is not syncing there is a possibility that the watch is not currently supported by the app. You can contact us at (813) 278-7729 or use the Customer Support chat feature on the app, and one of our Customer Support representatives will be happy to assist you.