Alpesh Patel, CEO of Ravkoo, Joins Forces to Discuss Affordable Telehealthcare at ConV2X

October 6, 2022
6 minutes Read
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Miami, Florida, 11 AM EST: Ravkoo Health, a dynamic tech company in the field of digital healthcare, announced that it’s thrilled to participate in the symposium, ConVerge2Xcelerate 2022. Alpesh Patel, CEO of Ravkoo Health, will attend with additional leaders from Teledoc, Lyft, and others to discuss Sustainable Integrated Telehealth Problems, Solutions & the Future.

“ConV2X Telehealth 2022 is pleased to have Ravkoo Health participate. The evidence-based symposium provides a platform to amplify digital health startups. Ravkoo presents an interesting concept for a groundbreaking health index for patients, bringing the event’s future theme full circle for consumer health,” stated Tory Cenaj, Founder and Publisher of ConV2X and THMT OA peer-reviewed journal.

Patel furthers the discussion by sharing that Ravkoo Health’s telemedicine app offers convenient and cost-friendly healthcare solutions to Americans who might otherwise not be able to afford them. 

“Ravkoo Health broke into the healthcare space to give people the tools they need to manage their health digitally. Likewise, our newly formed partnership with Lyft will increase accessibility and affordability for registered users,” says Patel. 

Benefits of online healthcare solutions, like the Ravkoo Health app, include:

  1. Convenience: With remote healthcare options, people can now book and attend appointments from their homes. Gone are the days of line-ups, waiting rooms, and traffic. Instead, consumers can schedule remote meetings with doctors, therapists, or wellness coaches at their convenience. 
  2. Affordability: Online healthcare brings the consumer a new wave of affordable options. Companies like Ravkoo Health offer members a smartphone app with a digital marketplace to book consultations. Members can select providers based on their budget and receive competitively-priced prescriptions with free delivery. 
  3. Connectivity & Operability: Digital healthcare platforms utilize software to create a seamless telemedicine experience for patients and providers. For instance, digitized health records mean individuals can access their centralized medical data when and where they need it. Providers can also see past clinician notes and prescriptions for continuity (among endless tech-forward possibilities). 

The Ravkoo Health App is now available for download on iOS and Android. Visit Ravkoo Health to learn more. Furthermore, the ConV2X Telehealth and Medicine Today conference will take place on October 11th at Florida International University. 

About Ravkoo Health: Ravkoo Health harnesses the power of technology to give people control over their health information on a secure platform. Furthermore, Ravkoo Health is emerging as a one-stop-shop digital healthcare marketplace. Online members can access and store health data, choose and consult with telemedicine professionals, and receive lab results over the phone.