Get 24/7 Access to Your Digital Health Records Using the Ravkoo App

Access to Your Digital Health Records 24//7 - Ravkoo Health
July 26, 2022
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Tampa, Florida, 09:00 AM EDT: Since July , 2021, the policies outlined in the May 2020 Interoperability and Patient Access final rule went into effect. These milestone provisions mean that Americans can now use third-party apps to access and download their health records, opening the doorway for companies like Ravkoo Health to create a platform where the patients are in charge of their medical data.

Ravkoo Health, a trailblazing tech company focused on healthcare, has recently launched its mobile application. The Ravkoo Health App provides registered users with a digital space to securely store and manage their health records, empowering them with 24/7 access to their medical information via smartphone. This app also acts as a marketplace for members to book and consult with physicians, weight management coaches, and therapists while staying at the forefront of wellness trends.

“This app offers the secure storage of a registered user’s electronic health records (EHRs) and provides them with a safe, cost-effective, and better-coordinated healthcare experience,” says Mayur Patel of Ravkoo Health.

“Furthermore, once authorized, our licensed telehealthcare providers gain the unique ability to pull a registered user’s past medical records resulting in a thorough consultation with full knowledge of a member’s medical history,” adds Patel.

The benefits of using the Ravkoo Health App to store electronic health records include:

Improved accessibility: Accessing health records from numerous providers can be daunting and seemingly impossible. Instead, the Ravkoo Health App empowers its registered users by providing them with a platform where they can access their records anytime, anywhere. This convenient retrieval goes a long way if a member needs to show a provider a record for current treatment quickly. Furthermore, our vetted providers can pull up to 85% of a member’s records from up to five years ago, removing the barrier of forgotten data.

Centralization and consolidation: With consent, our healthcare providers can pull up and confirm a registered user’s health records which are stored within the Summary section of the app. Because the records have been verified and are located within the menu bar, the member has a consolidated digital center to access their records effortlessly.

Better quality care: Our highly qualified pharmacists, doctors, counselors, and lab techs can refer to a registered user’s past medical and health records, enabling the provider to coordinate a treatment plan smoothly. The healthcare providers can also create a care plan for future reference allowing for continuity. Never before has it been so straightforward for a person to have most of their important medical data in one place.

Improved medical history storage: A registered user’s electronic health records can fall under any of the 13 Ravkoo Health Categories, which include: allergies, diagnoses, documents, educational videos, encounters, family history, forms, immunizations, medications, miscellaneous, plan of care, procedures, and lab results. The thorough list offers member’s a 365-degree view of their medical history, and the tech company continues to add to the categories.

Consolidated storage of electronic health records is now available on the ready-to-download Ravkoo Health App, free for iOS and Android (with pay-per-consultation). Visit Ravkoo Health to learn more.

About Ravkoo Health. Ravkoo Health harnesses the power of technology to give people control over their health information on a secure platform. Furthermore, ravkoo Health is emerging as a one-stop-shop digital healthcare marketplace. Online members of the app can access and store health data, choose and consult with telemedicine professionals, make prescription arrangements, order at-home lab kits, receive lab results over the phone, confer with weight loss, nutrition, and wellness coaches, track fitness, and access up-to-date health information.