Ravkoo Health Expands Online Counseling Services , and Appoints Travis Pantiel as Director of Behavioral Health

Ravkoo Health Expands Online Counseling Services , and Appoints Travis Pantiel as Director of Behavioral Health
July 1, 2022
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Tampa, Florida, 09:00 AM EDT: Ravkoo Health, a cutting-edge tech company that offers digital healthcare solutions via its recently launched mobile app, has announced Travis Pantiel (LMHC, MCAP, CCTP, NCC) as its newly appointed Director of Behavioral Health

Pantiel boasts extensive experience as a Clinical Director in residential and outpatient settings and has an innate sense of emotional intelligence, making him the ideal candidate for this role. 

Furthermore, expanding Ravkoo Health’s offerings, remote counseling is now available with Ravkoo Lifestyle (a module of Ravkoo Health that offers members mental health counseling, diabetes prevention, nutritional information, and weight management). Pantiel oversees the hiring of Ravkoo Lifestyle’s therapists and ensures they have all the tools they need to succeed and help clients thrive. Essentially, he is working to create an inclusive digital environment where Ravkoo’s experienced professionals feel comfortable providing their services, and registered users feel at ease working on their emotional wellbeing.

As the Director of Behavioral Health at Ravkoo, my job is to ensure that we have a platform that supports our mental healthcare providers in doing what they do best—helping others!” says Pantiel. 

“I aim to ensure we use clinically sound, evidence-based methods to fully support our team of excellent counselors and our valued registered users within our platform,” continues Pantiel.  

The key advantages of using Ravkoo Lifestyle for mental health counseling include:

Accessibility: Members use the app to browse its fully vetted therapist database. They can then choose a counselor who best suits their needs based on reviews, ratings, and expertise, allowing for maximum ease. Furthermore, registered users no longer have to commute to an office for an in-person appointment. Instead, Ravkoo Lifestyle remedies this because members remotely confer with licensed counselors via audio, video, or text (depending on preference). 

Autonomy: Many other telehealth providers match registered users with counselors by algorithms or have a small pool of therapists. Our team at Ravkoo Health decided it’s best to allow a member to choose the therapist they feel most comfortable building a therapeutic relationship with. Furthermore, registered users can securely store and access their medical, prescription, and appointment records, offering independent access when needed.  

Privacy: HIPAA Compliance ensures that a member’s medical records and sensitive information are fully protected and cannot be disclosed without proper consent. Furthermore, Ravkoo Lifestyle takes patient confidentiality seriously, and its trusted counselors strictly follow HIPAA compliance.

Ravkoo Lifestyle is now available on the Ravkoo Health App. Download the app on iOS or Android today! Visit Ravkoo Lifestyle for more information.

About Ravkoo Health. Ravkoo Health harnesses the power of technology to give people control over their health information on a secure platform. Furthermore, ravkoo Health is emerging as a one-stop-shop digital healthcare marketplace. Online members of the app can access and store health data, choose and consult with telemedicine professionals, make prescription arrangements, order at-home lab kits, receive lab results over the phone, confer with weight loss, nutrition, and wellness coaches, track fitness, and access up-to-date health information.