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The Ravkoo Health Score is an innovative healthcare solution.

Our proprietary technology uses your answers from the questionnaires to generate a whole-person and numerical Health Score, to understand where your health is at.

Secondly, your RHS also includes personalized recommendations, so you can take clear steps to improve your health.

The wellness suggestions are unique to you and may include the following:

  • Partnering with recommended healthcare practitioners as medically appropriate
  • Exercise tips
  • Sleep hygiene ideas
  • Mindfulness activities (and more)

The Ravkoo Health Score was developed with notable healthcare organizations, such as the:

  • American Medical Association
  • World Health Organization
  • Center for Disease Control

Development also included extensive medical guidance and research from standardized clinical assessments.

The Ravkoo Health Score was designed by an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals that includes a global network of:

  • Physicians
  • Nutritionists
  • Therapists
  • Behavioral health professionals
  • IT professionals

To create an account, you’ll provide some basic details. Afterward, complete the General and Behavioral Health Questionnaires to determine your Health Score.

We use numbers daily for essential record-keeping.

A credit score, for instance, indicates your financial well-being. Similarly, your RHS conveys a tangible scoring system that reveals your health level.

Benefits of having your RHS include:

  • Gaining a holistic understanding of your Behavioral and General Health.
  • Feeling more confident in your journey towards wellness.
  • Understanding target areas to improve on.
  • Receiving actionable steps. 
  • Tracking progress.

The Ravkoo Health Score has two main assessments:

  1. General Health
  2. Behavioral Health

Each assessment has 26 provider-curated questions.

Anyone 18 years and older interested in taking an active role in their health can benefit from their RHS.

Please note: RHS isn't an emergency medical system, and those with critical health issues should seek appropriate care.

Yes! Ravkoo protects and safeguards all member's data with a 100% HIPAA-compliant & secure platform. For more information about collecting, using, and disclosing data, visit our Privacy Policy.

No. If you're experiencing critical, life-threatening, or emergency symptoms, please get in touch with the nearest emergency room or dial 911 immediately.

Also, individuals can contact the three-digit phone number, 988, for emotional crises or concerns about self-harm.

Yes, we welcome members globally to discover their health scores!

The Ravkoo Health Score beta phase incorporates General and Behavioral Health Assessments to establish a baseline of current overall health.

Each personalized Health Score is generated using the results of each assessment, medical data, and proprietary technology.

Your RHS is most effective when both assessments are completed.

Not at this time. Ravkoo Health Scores and Personal Health Records are focused on adults over 18.

Stay tuned as we expand on this.

Of course, not. Your RHS serves as a tool to empower you with personal health information at your fingertips. It’s not meant to take the role of your doctor’s directions.

However, if the Ravkoo Health Score provides recommendations, we encourage you to speak with a Ravkoo healthcare professional for further guidance.

If you're experiencing anything troubling health-wise, seek medical attention asap.

Your results will be available immediately after completing either or both assessments.

The Ravkoo platform will automatically save your Health Score results to your user profile.

As you progress, you'll also get new Health Scores and use your older ones as a reference point.

You can take the assessments as often as you wish.

However, we recommend completing your Health Score at most once a week for significant changes to be measured.

Allowing space between updating your assessments will provide the time needed to implement recommendations and achieve results.

As of now, the Ravkoo Health Score is located directly on our website.

We plan to include the Ravkoo Health Score on a mobile app soon.

No, there are no fees at this time.

The Ravkoo Health Score accurately measures crucial elements of health, such as sleep, nutrition, and mood stability (among other factors).

Often, it's challenging to be continually aware of how we're doing emotionally and physically, and that's where the Ravkoo Health Score comes in.

The RHS provides an opportunity to complete a holistic, whole-person review of your health.

No. The Ravkoo Health Score services are for informational purposes only.

These services are meant to be a jumping-off point for better health. However, the information and reports generated by the RHS aren't a substitute for medical consultation, evaluation, or treatment from a qualified healthcare professional.